The Symphony Programme  is designed to empower clinicians and health professionals to deliver the care they aspire to.

 It enables you to work in a more collaborative way to ensure patients are getting the right care, delivered at the right time, by the right service. And it is creating innovative new clinical roles which will allow you to use your skills and experience more effectively than ever before.

 Symphony is supporting the implementation of new models of care within primary care and Yeovil Hospital to ensure that patients with the most complex needs are supported to live independent and healthy lives. Enhanced Primary Care practices are using ‘huddle’ working and new health coach roles to improve access and decision-making, while Complex Care Hubs, with their teams of Key Workers, Care Coordinators and Extensivist GPs, are revolutionising the way those with multiple conditions are being supported.

 By eroding the boundaries between acute, primary and community care we are creating a healthcare system fit for the future of local and national populations.