Our Practices – Buttercross Health Centre, Somerton

Buttercross Health Centre,  was one of the first three practices in south Somerset to join forces with Symphony Healthcare Services Ltd back in April 2016, when existing GP partners retired from the practice.

Buttercross, previously under the  management of the Pathways group, is located in Somerton in the heart of the community, providing healthcare services for the town and the surrounding villages.  By joining SHS and being part of a larger organisation; Buttercross has received additional support to help recruit healthcare practitioners and to fill GP vacancies, to make it easier for patients to access services and appointments.


The health centre can offer a wide range of healthcare services to patients and is successfully operating the new models of care developed under the Symphony Programme, where Health Coaches positively support both patients and GPs to provide additional guidance, information and coordination of care services.

In addition Buttercross Health Centre has been trialling a new Musculoskeletal service.  Patients who are experiencing back, neck, or other aches and pains as a result of an accident, or ongoing health condition can see an experienced Physiotherapist at the centre, without first being referred by a GP.

For more information about Buttercross Health Centre, please visit the website: www.buttercrosshc.nhs.uk